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For Employers

The Land of Growing Together
Do you need help promoting CLE to your candidates? Maybe even getting them hooked up with a community tour? Let us connect your candidates and new hires with an Ambassador to help you recruit and retain.

Who are Ambassadors?

The Cleveland Talent Alliance Ambassador Program is a platform designed to make community onboarding easier. It’s a network that facilitates connections between newcomers and community champions. Local Ambassadors are here for companies, like yours, to help sell our community to potential candidates, so you can focus on selling your company and its unique job opportunities. Ambassadors also help welcome or onboard new residents into our community. We believe that happy candidates and new hires become happy long-term employees.

How do employers get involved?

As an employer, you can use the Cleveland Talent Alliance Ambassador Program platform in two ways: 

  1. Include information about Cleveland Talent Alliance Ambassadors in your new-hire orientation for those coming from outside of CLE. 

  2. Use the Ambassadors website as a recruiting tool for those prospects who are considering making a move to the region.

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